A third party software update by the Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County Police Department went awry earlier this month illustrating the need of organizations to carefully monitor data migrations and software updates to ensure that needed evidence is preserved. The Metro Nashville PD inadvertently deleted every police traffic video from October 2009 to April 2010 while updating the department’s video system used in specialized traffic unit vehicles. The loss of the videos will ultimately have an adverse impact on the ability to prosecute hundreds of traffic and DUI cases. In the case of private companies, it is equally important to provide careful oversight of data migrations and software updates to servers and other enterprise records storage devices. Failure to do so could lead to valuable company information needed for operations to be lost. In the litigation context, a company subject to a preservation order of a court or litigation hold could find itself sanctioned for spoilation of evidence and subject to severe monetary penalties and adverse inferences from the evidence that could ultimately lead to an adverse disposition of the case.