Hubbard and Jenkins, Electronic Discovery Solutions, is dedicated to providing cost-effective and efficient legal representation for your organization’s electronic discovery and enterprise records management needs.

We provide a full array of litigation support services consistent with best practices, including the Sedona Conference Principles and Guidelines. Our enterprise records management consulting services are designed to provide your organization with straightforward and legally defensible records retention and management policies.

The Digital Age has vastly improved communication and productivity, while also opening new markets for many companies. Unfortunately, the law of unintended consequences applies to the Digital Age as well. Discovery of relevant information remains the core aspect of the litigation process. The need for discovery of electronically stored information has caused a rapid transformation in how relevant information to be used in litigation is gathered, reviewed and produced.

In the early 1990s, it cost approximately $20,000 to store 1 Gigabyte (GB) of data. Today, it costs less than $1. Only a few years ago, a large document review entailed a group of attorneys sifting through multiple boxes of paper documents. That vast set of paper documents can fit onto a single hard drive today. Since the cost of storing data is much less, individuals and organizations generate, receive and store more data. The increased storage results in more data being processed, reviewed and produced in litigation. A typical mid-size law firm can review 1 GB of data at a cost of $30,000. The production of electronically stored information, or ESI, in litigation or pursuant to governmental inquiries is extremely time consuming, complex, and can cost millions of dollars. Therefore, it is imperative to hire experienced E-discovery counsel to reduce these costs.

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